Sun, October 23 | 15:30 | (peri)Enchanting Neighbourhood | Barajul Uzului Alley

19 October, 2016

(peri)Enchanting Neighbourhood | Barajul Uzului Alley
This event is part of the Bucharest 2021 Generator series

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Where: Barajul Uzului Alley, in the Miniș Square area, Titan neighbourhood. It’s a small alley, so you cannot miss getting to the event.
Date: Sunday, October 23
Time: 15:30
Free access.


The (peri)Enchanting Neighbourhood project invites you to spend a special afternoon of cooking workshops, children activities and photo exhibitions that showcase life and tales of the neighbourhood. The project takes part in October 2016 and aims at organising a culinary event in the Miniș Square area that will bring people together, no matter their age, as long as they’re interested in a good home-cooked meal, recipe exchanges and different activities that can take place in the neighbourhood.


As part of the event, you will be able to join:

  • cooking workshops;
  • a recital of poetry with culinary themes, various activities for children that involve songs and games around the block;
  • movie projections about the community concept;
  • an exhibition of new and old photos related to life in the Balta Albă neighbourhood and the Miniş Square, supported by neighbours and other members of the community;
  • a community favourite recipe exchange that we will cook together.


The aim of the project is to encourage a growth of interest in realising more social-cultural and education activities in urban communities situated outside the center of the city. (peri)Enchanting Neighbourhood is a cultural project produced as part of the Generator grant series, as part of the Bucharest 2021 – in-visible city candidacy. The initiative group is formed by citizens who have experience in the NGO and culinary fields, who are interested in increasing social cohesion between community members.

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