Organic Conspirations – Rome Square

30 August, 2016

August 18th – September 16th

Landscape artist Nicolas Triboi


Entitled Organic Conspirations, the artistic installation from Roman Square bears the signature of Romanian origin French artist Nicolas Triboi who proposes a comeback to nature by landscaping the street into an urban garden of a controlled wilderness that emerges from underground passages, from history, from little alleys… a garden that rises above our heads, towards the mysterious zenith. The entire area will be decorated with relaxation spots for the passers-by, a library and a Bucharest 2021 info kiosk, where everyone can read books and browse materials on the candidacy of the city for the European Capital of Culture title.

“Nature in urban space has become vital and with this, Bucharest metamorphoses daily. Stepping back from the various “conspirations” that produce daily content of newspapers, we want organic conspirations, so that nature is expressed freely. We want wild nature, not nature perceived as flower-shop plants, but enduring and sustainable green habitats. Bucharest is a dynamic and energetic city, but also a city where both construction and residents’ behavior are often said to be “wild”. We need to focus these energies and transform them into positive green energies. Culture can transform nature into art and gives us green landscaped aesthetics.” – Nicolas Triboi, landscape artist.

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