Meleagris Ocellata – itinerant installation

30 August, 2016

August 18th – September 16th

Artist: Ștefan Radu Crețu

Sculptor Ștefan Radu Crețu proposes Meleagris Ocellata, a species of metallic bird coming from the futures take on a symbolic journey on the streets of Bucharest, gathering its residents’ yet unlived memories of their city, their personal projections of the future. Equipped with a metaphorical brush, the kinetic sculpture brings to our attention places and historical monuments covered by the dust of oblivion, while, as it transits the physical space of the city, it also invites people to write on its translucent skin their memories from the future.

Cinetic art meets monumental art of the city during the Meleagris Ocellata peregrinations while making passers-by discover the various characters populating our city without being part of any kind of statistics, though being an integrated part in the urban story – the statues of Bucharest.


16:00PM Shewolf Statue (Rome Square) – Via Șuțu Museum –Mihai Viteazul, Gheorghe Lazăr, Spiru Haret and Heliade Rădulescu Statues (University) –Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Statue (Odeon Theater) –Iuliu Maniu Monument (Revolution Square, opposite Kretulescu church) – Renaiscence Memorial (Revolution Square) – Carol Ist Statue (Revolution Square) –Mihai Eminescu Bust (Atheneum) – Via The National Museum of Modern Art –Corneliu Coposu Statue (Krețulescu church) – Via Military Circle.


On September the 14th, Bucharest will be visited by the European jury evaluating the four remaining cities competing for the title of European Capital of Culture. On September 15th, Bucharest 2021 team will present their bid book at the Ministry of Culture and the final results will be announced on September 15th.

The events included in Bucharest 2021 NOW are marking the end of the series of artistic events and projects sustaining the city’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture title – over 500 events and projects in two years of competition. Part if the emerging projects from the candidacy (those from Ideas Accelerator and Generator of community projects) will continue after the jury’s announcement from September.

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