During August 16th – September 16th, ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality has prepared, for the residents of the city, the Bucharest 2021 NOW project – a series of interventions and reinterpretations of the public space as thought by artists from Bucharest and beyond, a project created to transform several spaces in the city according to Bucharest 2021 bid book themes. The events taking place within Bucharest 2021 NOW series are meant to show a preview of the way the city could change in six years, should it won the European Capital of Culture title.

The cultural life of Bucharest is a rich mélange between traditional culture, mass culture taking the form of an ever growing series of open air events, and between the fast-developing contemporary art scene. Although all are equally important for the city, they function as separate parts of urban culture. Given this fragmentation of Bucharest cultural life, the NOW series of events transform the city into an open space for various forms of artistic expression. Coming from the independent cultural sector, the artists invade the city with installations destined to change the way people from Bucharest relate with the city. Having as a slogan Making Bucharest Visible, the NOW project invites the public to express themselves thus transforming the city, while interacting with the installations ARCUB has spread throughout the districts of Bucharest.