We carry on with the urban culture lab OPEN LAB and start the second phase, the Generator, a call for ideas followed by an incubator for community projects tailored to the needs of the neighborhoods of Bucharest, as identified by the Resource Centre for Public Participation in the study Exploration of ideas and cultural needs in the districts of Bucharest.


The project aims at providing micro-grants, after the selection process to stimulate the strengthening and development of the organization and action capacity of groups of neighbors with leadership skills. The total value of the fund amounts to EUR 20,000 and can be allocated to a maximum of 10 projects of cultural activation worth 2,000 euros each.


Eight researchers and community facilitators initiated the study in the period September toNovember 2015 in 11 districts of the city to better understand the perceptions and opinions about cultural life in the Bucharest neighborhoods. The overall conclusion is that the involvement of its conscious and active communities and their needs in the city’s cultural strategy is crucial for long-term sustainable urban development.



The Generator is a direct result of identifying the cultural needs and opportunities in the neighborhoods of Bucharest, and is one of the tools that support visibly the citizens’ participation in city development.


We call on all initiative groups, citizens and neighbor communities who want to change their space which define their existence.




Initiative groups, individuals and informal groups of neighbors or individuals who plan to develop a project with the potential to coagulate communities in neighborhoods in Bucharest. They must be at least groups of three people who are not legally constituted, but have a vision and a common project and can assume the full implementation of the project.


The same group may enter a maximum of three project ideas, but in this case only one can be selected for funding.




Bucharest’s candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture has the mission to decentralize the cultural offer in the city to encourage creative life in the districts of Bucharest. The program will support initiatives and project ideas using the creative potential and need for cultural activities in the districts of Bucharest.


We’re looking for ideas for projects that stimulate the imagination and involve the local community. We want ideas designed for the local community that meet the needs of leisure and cultural consumption, developed together with the residents of the neighborhood. Developing ideas for projects that inspire neighbors to participate not only as spectators or beneficiaries, but also as producers and organizers.


We are looking for initiatives aimed at animating the public space and bringing the community together in neighborhoods and contributing to strengthening the community and neighborhood identity:

interactive cultural and community programs that foster civic participation and include district priorities and diverse cultural practices, increase access to public spaces, reduce barriers and bureaucracy that limits them;

carrying out activities such as workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, group discussions, presentations, sports activities etc.; closure of streets for the weekend for various community activities: cooking together, community lunches, sports competitions etc.


The micro-grants program is developed and organized with Bucharest Community Foundation.


Step 1: Proposal of ideas


We expect incipient ideas and proposals from initiative groups, individuals and informal groups of neighbors or individuals who plan to develop a project with the potential to coagulate communities in neighborhoods in Bucharest. Projects must fall within a budget of up to 9000 RON net. It is necessary to complete the online form until July 10, 2016, 23:59. Instructions for completing the online form can be downloaded here.



Step 2: Selection of ideas


We will select up to 15 ideas for projects whose promoters will be invited to participate in the upcoming period to support an intensive program to develop the projects, imagined in the form of an incubator. The list of 15 ideas will be published on the websites,  and, at the latest on July 19, 2016.


Selection of the project ideas will be made by a selection committee made up of independent persons mixed with experts in the field and by two members of the Curatorium 2016.


Step 3: Incubator of projects


From July 28 to August 15, 2016 the incubator of projects will take place, targeting selected proposals whose promoters have confirmed their willingness to participate in the entire program of the incubator.


Six workshops will take place during which participants will receive support for their ideas into feasible project implementation. The workshops will cover: project design, project management and financial management, community involvement, communication and a process of dialogue and feedback on the projects among the participating initiative groups.


During this time, participants will write projects, including the project budget and, until August 21, will submit them online for final assessment. The workshops from the Incubator of projects will take place at the ARCUB premises on Lipscani st. 85-90, sector 3, Bucharest.


Step 4 – Selection of winning projects


The jury will evaluate the completed projects and the projects selected for funding will be published on the websites, and until August 29, 2016 at the latest. Any dispute will be settled during the period August 29 to September 1.


Step 5 – Implementation of winning projects


Between September 2 and 9, 2016 production contracts will be signed with ARCUB for the selected projects and between September 17 to November 20 2016 they will be implemented. The monitoring of the implementation and evaluation of selected projects will be provided by the Community Foundation Bucharest.



The eligibility of the proposed ideas will be verified by the Community Foundation Bucharest and will be done as follows:


Entry form

It filled in Romanian.

All sections are filled in.

Filled in no later than July 8, 2016, 23:59 (unless the organizers publicly announce the extension of the application)


The applicant:


The group is made up of at least three members with active roles in project development and implementation.


The project:

To be implemented in Bucharest

Addresses a community in the neighborhood

Is of general interest and not for commercial or political activities

Allows the active involvement of community members in the development, performance, or use of the project



Evaluation criteria for the selection of project ideas


Nr. Evaluation criteria Score Percentage
1 The project responds to a cultural, recreational, social or leisure need in the neighborhood. 5 40%
2 The project implies the neighbors’ involvement in project development. 5 25%
3 The project encourages collaboration between different age groups. 5 5%
4 The project provides for the mobilization of community resources*: from punctual local expertise (gardening, mechanics, sports) to unused spaces** or spaces that can be used temporarily for another purpose. *Resources: convenience stores, older inhabitants, punctual expertise, alternative spaces. **spaces: the flat staircase, central heating, green areas between the blocks, roof of the building, vacant lot, school yard, church yard, parks, etc.. 5 15%
5 The project is inspired by and explores the history of the district. 5 5%
6 The project involves disadvantaged groups or at risk of marginalization. 5 5%
7 The project uses, even temporarily, public spaces unused / underutilized or gives an alternative use to an existing space. 5 5%
8 Jury comments - -
TOTAL 35 100%


The project ideas will be valued from 1 to 5 as follows:

1 – project does not meet this criterion

2 – project meets this criterion partially

3 – project meets this criterion, but not satisfactorily

4 – project satisfactorily meets this criterion

5 – project fully meets this criterion



Nr. Selection criterion Score Percentage
1 The project goal is clear and achievable. Activities / methods proposed are clearly described and lead to the achievement of results within the time assumed. 5 15%
2 Active involvement of residents in the neighborhood is described and realistic. 5 20%
3 The project results are clear, relevant for the target group / local community and measurable. The results are possible to evaluate through clear and appropriate methods. 5 20%
4 Possible risks are provided as well as solutions to counteract. The project is realistic and is very likely to be put into practice. 5 15%
5 The budget is clear and realistic. 5 15%
6 The project approach includes innovative elements. 5 5%
7 The communication plan of the project is clear and relevant for the provided results and target groups. 5 10%
TOTAL 35 100%


The projects will be valued from 1 to 5 as follows:

1 – project does not meet this criterion

2 – project meets this criterion partially

3 – project meets this criterion, but not satisfactorily

4 – project satisfactorily meets this criterion

5 – project fully meets this criterion





The jury’s decision on the results of the selection of project ideas, and the selection of projects can be appealed within three days from the public announcement of the results. The complaints are submitted or will be transmitted to the Community Foundation Bucharest by the deadline specified above, and resolved within 3 days of receipt, the committee responsible for review, being composed of two independent experts and a member of the Curatorium 2016.


Final results – after resolving the filed complaints – will be made public within 24 hours of completion of the committee’s work, at  and www.bucureş


For the phase Selection of Ideas, the period for filing and processing the complaints is July 19 to 24 2016. For the selection phase of projects to be financed, the period for submitting and resolving complaints is August 29-September 1, 2016.


The constituency of the jury


The selection committee of the microgrants program consists of:

Vera Marin – President, Asociația pentru Tranziție Urbană

Anca Râpeanu – manager, Metropolitan Library of Bucharest

Luiza Vasiliu – editor coordinator, Scena9

Alexandra Stef - transversal curator, activation and involvement of Communities

Irina Paraschivoiu – curator team Microtopii


The appeal committee consists of:

Oana Preda – director, CeRe

Rucsandra Pop – independent artist and program director, Asociația pentru Relații Comunitare

Roxana Bedrule – Bucharest coordination team 2021 / ARCUB

Policy of avoiding conflict of interest

The jurors may not apply to the competition, directly or indirectly. In so far as a jury member knows and is directly interested in one of the projects, he/she will refrain from evaluating and debating the project.


For application, selection, implementation of incubator:

For general questions:


Community Foundation Bucharest invests time, money and energy in Bucharest to create communities where we feel at home. It is part of a national movement, alongside 15 other community foundations in the country. The organization collects funds from local businesses and individuals to fund projects that stimulate the sense of initiative and bring people together in communities. So far, the organization has funded with more than 1,200,000 lei nearly 150 projects in the Bucharest and Ilfov communities.

Rezultatele finale din prima etapă a Generatorului
Nr. Idei de proiecte selectate pentru Incubator Cartier Media
1 Lumini și umbre în Floreasca Floreasca 4.73
2 (peri)Feeric de cartier Balta Albă (Miniș) 4.72
3 Sălaj, my love! Ferentari (Sălaj) 4.7
4 Uriași de Pantelimon Pantelimon 4.58
5 Se joacă cu scara deschisă Giulești 4.55
6 Poveștile Teiului Tei 4.53
7 Timpuri Noi- oameni și povești Timpuri Noi 4.5
8 Gradina senzorială din gradină Gura Siriului (Faur) 4.2
9 CNDB deschis – mișcăm orașul către noi Mărășești (Bucur) 4.17
10 TitanIC – de la Istorie la Contemporan Titan 4.08
11 Promovarea deschiderii Centrului Cultural Flamura Giurgiului 4.05
12 Grădina Cişmigiu, între trecutul şi prezent Cișmigiu 3.83
13 Intervenție peisagistică lângă Cișmigiu * Cișmigiu 3.75
14 Urban Art 3A Berceni/Ferentari/Pantelimon 3.67
15 Copacul înCotroceni Cotroceni 3.63
16 “Băneasa nouă” și “Băneasa veche” Băneasa 3.62
* Același grup de inițiativă a intrat cu 2 proiecte în clasamentul primelor 15 proiecte (pozițiile 12 și 13). Conform regulamentului, în incubator grupul va intra cu ideea de proiect cea mai bine punctată.
Nr. Idei de proiecte neselectate Cartier Media 
17 Adapostul ecologic din gradină Gura Siriului (Faur) 3.58
18 Muzeul jucariilor retro Parcul IOR/Titan 3.42
19 Reciclare și creativitate Parcul Drumul Taberei 3.38
20 Gașca din TINERETULUI Tineretului 3.37
21 Timpuri Noi – imaginea cartierului prin ochii vecinilor Timpuri Noi 3.18
22 Știinta pe înțelesul tuturor Parcul Titan/Parcul Tineretului 3.17
23 Titan pe bicicletă Titan 3.1
24 Camping La Șosea/Cunoaște-ți vecinii Kiseleff 3.08
25 Amintirii – o stradă de care-ți vei aminti Costeasca (Chitila) 3.07
26 Festivalul literelor Gara de Nord 3.03
27 LA BETOANE – AMBIENT terenul de vis-à-vis de Biblioteca Națională 2.98
28 Fă un pas înainte – despre privilegiu Iancului 2.95
29 LA BETOANE – CULTURAL/SPORTIV terenul viran de vis-à-vis de Biblioteca Națională 2.77
30 Cartierul Costeasca în culori Costeasca (Chitila) 2.75
31 Urmași prin București Zona centrală 2.58
32 Clubul MEDIA din TINERETULUI Tineretului 2.48
33 Atelier de creatie și meditație Titan 2.38
34 Pe urmele lui Mircea Eliade Mântuleasa 2.23
35 Porți (re)deschise Zona centrală 2.22
36 Spune Da muzicii clasice în cartierul tău Grădina Icoanei 2.18
37 JOCURI UITATE Parcul Drumul Taberei 2.15
38 Iarmarocul copiilor Splaiul Unirii (Sectorul 3) 2.15
39 Cunoaște-ți vecinii! Piața Iancului 1.93
40 Pe strada mea ? 1.8


Hotărârea juriului privind rezultatele selecției de idei de proiecte, respectiv de selecție de proiecte poate fi contestată în termen de 3 zile de la anunțarea publică a rezultatelor. Contestațiile se depun sau vor fi transmise la Fundația Comunitară București ( până la termenul menționat mai sus, și se soluționează în termen de maxim 3 zile de la primire, de comisia de soluționare a contestațiilor, formată din 2 specialiști independenți și un membru al Curatorium 2016.


Rezultatele finale – după soluționarea contestațiilor depuse – vor fi făcute publice, în termen de 24 de ore de la finalizarea lucrărilor comisiei, la adresa și www.bucureș


We are introducing a series of small community projects that use minimal resources to avail significantly to neighborhood level.


These ideas are for illustrative purposes and should not be considered the perfect recipe for projects that will be supported through the Generator.