The first part of the project — The Memory of the City — traces an emotional map of Bucharest, starting from photographic images and filmed sequences that you can contribute with yourself, between March 18 — May 15.


The project launching the bid of the city of Bucharest

to the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021

The Bucharest Memory | Exploring | Envisioning the City project is structured as a trilogy, in which the city becomes both a set for performance and a performer, and its citizens content generators. Imagined in an open format, the project hereby launches a new trans-disciplinary platform to the Capital’s cultural space: ARCUB Gabroveni. The platform aims to unify all sectors of social-cultural life of Bucharest through projects of this kind.

The first part of the trilogy – The Memory of the City – looks to draft an emotional map of Bucharest, starting from photographs and filmed sequences from personal collections and documentary funds, to which the inhabitants of the city are invited to contribute their own photographic testimonies and subjective histories capturing the dynamics of Bucharest life. Both those living in the city and those who work with the city are invited to contribute directly, by submitting their own photographs and video footage.

The result of this collective and participatory effort will presented at ARCUB Gabroveni at the end of the two months mapping process as an exhibition centered on the collective memory of Bucharest’s inhabitants, from a double perspective: that of the real city — with social actions and political tensions, with architectural and urban drama and its artistic Bohemia — and that of the recalled city — as it lives within the memories of those who live here.

Explore the Bucharest 2021 “Family Album” made of its citizens’ memories